Below is a timeline of my experience with the virus. This in no way is an effort to lessen the severity of it in anyway. I personally know three people that have passed due to the Covid. One of them had no underlying issues.My intention is to provide some insight into my experience so that someone else can possibly know what to expect. Everyone is different but this what happened to me.

Tuesday 12/8 traveled from HOU to LAS on Southwest flight. Only 10-15 middle seats open so the flight was very crowded. Sat in the airport for a couple hours as well and had dinner at Pappadeaux’s. Three-hour flight and slept most of the way. I wore a mask the entire time except when in Pappadeaux’s.

Wednesday 12/9 left hotel in Kingman, AZ and had breakfast with a co-worker at Denny’s. Wore mask except when eating. Arrived at the Mohave County Jail and had my temp taken which was normal. Proceeded to our work area in the ground floor mechanical room. This room is heavily air conditioned and a lot of air flow. Drove back to Las Vegas for parts and to return to the Jail late afternoon. I was escorted to another area of the jail and two inmates that were being quarantined came into the same room that I was. Back to the mechanical room to finish the rest of the day. Had dinner that evening in an establishment that definitely did not adhere to social distancing.

Thursday 12/10 worked several hours in the mechanical room and then departed for Las Vegas. Myself and my co-worker were in the car together for several hours without masks. Arrived at the airport and flew to Phoenix and then to Houston. Did not feel good but had a few drinks and attributed to the alcohol. Dropped my co-worker off at the hotel and went home and straight to bed. Slept in the same room and bed as my wife.

Friday 12/11 worked at my office the entire day, felt a bit flushed a few times but nothing major. Went home that night and had dinner with my family and watched some TV by myself in the living room. Went to bed and all of a sudden got a case of the chills and could not get warm. Covered my entire body and was freezing. Lasted a few hours and went away.

Saturday 12/12 worked at my shop all day and several times through the day would feel flush and just not well. Started a mild dry cough. Came home had dinner and much the same, chills then went away.

Sunday 12/13 worked at my shop all day and felt almost overheated a on a couple different occasions. Persistent mild dry cough. Came home had and made dinner and my temperature was over 100. Decided to get tested and started Tylenol and Zinc Supplement. Results were positive and I did not sleep well and had fever and chills.

Monday 12/14 was mild fever and cough. Severe nausea after breakfast and diarrhea shortly after that. Consulted physician and he prescribed steroids to start Tuesday morning and nausea medication as needed. Checked into hotel and had soup, Gatorade and slept well.

Tuesday 12/15 morning symptoms are mild with slight burning in my chest. Tuesday night had some night sweats but slept OK.

Wednesday 12/16 symptoms are the same. Purchase thermometer and oxygen monitor. Temp at 98 – 99 all day and O2 levels at 94 – 97. No Tylenol today and did another Rapid test at a different clinic, results were positive.

Thursday 12/17 symptoms were different. Congested head and weird taste and smells. O2 levels were 95-97 all day and temps were 98 to 99 during the day. Very low energy day and never left the hotel.

Friday 12/18 symptoms still congested and did not sleep well last night. My sense of smell is weird. I can smell and taste sweet and salty but there are odors that I smell which are horrible and very hard to get out of your head. This is day seven and I hope that I am on the backside of this. Oxygen levels are same and no fever during the day but in the evening seems like temp is increasing. Lot of different readings. O2 is still 95-96.

Saturday 12/19 symptoms seem to be migrating from head to chest. Not bad but feel much weaker today. Temp and O2 is fine still taking Tylenol. Working at shop today and resting frequently. During the evening, I started feeling much better.

Sunday 12/20 symptoms were much better. I slept well and felt like getting out of bed. I did cough up some nasty green phlegm in the shower, but it was not that much. I have worked most of the day and felt much better. Temp and O2 levels are normal and only occasional “smelling” issues.

Monday 12/21 Still staying in isolation at the hotel but will be working from my office wearing a mask if I do not show symptoms. Feeling much better and no signs of symptoms at all so far. No Tylenol for fever or aches and body pain.

Tuesday 12/22 Will be checking out of the hotel and going home to be with my family but, will continue to wear a mask for several days just to be on the safe side.

We were fortunate that I did not transmit the virus to my family even though we were in the same house for several days while I was contagious. The stress from me fearing that I had infected my wife and family was almost unbearable. The bad news is that I did infect my co-worker who ended up testing positive on Thursday 12/17 but he started showing symptoms on Tuesday 12/15. Effectively I ruined Christmas for him and his entire family. I kept telling him that I was sick but he was in denial and so far by the grace of God, his family is not infected.

Overall I think that I was extremely lucky and had a very mild case. I fall into a high risk category due to my BMI which is 45.3 and considered morbid obesity. While definitely feeling ill during this time, the major factor was anxiety. Fear of the unknown and how this virus affects everyone so differently. I would recommend that if you do get sick, don’t search the internet for answers. It will only increase your stress level beyond belief and as far as watching the news…don’t even think about it. Your faith and the prayers your friends and family have for you will help with the healing process and provide you comfort. Don’t listen to stories about the guy they know or friend of a friend as this will lead you to go crazy as well. Speak to someone who has had it or a medical professional and this will go a long way in keeping you calm. In isolation, your mind plays horrible tricks on you and I don’t care how well you think you can survive on your own, it is lonely and wears on your soul being sick alone.